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Advice and Support

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Advice and Support

Whether just considering implants, or during your treatment, you can call our experienced:

Supporting Implants Patients

Dentalcare are pleased to have Alison Williams working with us as our implants coordinator and advisor.
Alison is passionate about implant treatment and the positive effect this can have on our patients. Her experience helps ensure their treatment provides excellent results.
Her Diploma in Management and significant admin experience bring all important efficiency. A benefit amply supported by Alison’s background in the field of dental care.
This includes 17 years experience in general dental nursing, implants and orthodontics. Along with further qualifications in radiography, sedation and impression taking.
Beyond all this, is Alison’s ability to understand and explain clearly. You can call her for advice before you decide whether to visit, on 01753 336518, or at any time during treatment.

Dedicated Support

Having a full time staff member focused on supporting implant patients is unusual and in our view, a valuable asset

Knowledgeable Advice

Whether you are considering implants, or receiving treatment, access to knowledge can solve your concerns.

An Independent Voice

Although Alison works for us, our ethos and her professional duty ensure the advice you receive is in your interests

Ongoing Access

Allison is available by email and phone, Monday to Friday. For any question you have before, or during treatment.

Informed Decisions

Dental implants are a major decision. Being able to talk through your unique needs will help ensure good solutions.

Effective Treatment

The real value of a staff member focused solely on dental implants. You receive the treatment you should receive.

A Team Effort

We are fortunate to have Dr Sanches as our implantologist, his skills are the key to success. The support from a good implants coordinator still improves your care, so you benefit from every aspect of:
Langley Dental Implants

Cost Management

Treatment matters beyond cost, although we understand how much of a factor this can be. Part of Alison’s task is to help you keep costs down, along with ensuring you are informed on aspects such as:
Dental Implant Finance

Timely Appointments

From arranging your initial dental implants consultation, to scheduling ongoing visits, a dedicated contact helps. To ensure your care and practical life match, you can call Alison at any time, or use our:
Implants Email Facility

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