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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants offer a replacement for missing teeth. They are the next best thing to natural teeth.

The Value of Implants

For many years, the only solutions to missing teeth were dentures, or bridges, which could require adjoining teeth to be ground down. This put them at risk of developing new issues.

Then came dental implants, a transforming time for dentistry. No need to interfere with nearby teeth, an approach which mimics the structure nature intended.

A Perfect Equivalent

Expertly engineered titanium roots replace normal tooth roots. Apart from the blood vessels they will never need, the root and new tooth sit as they should, technology matching evolution.

You are able to care for your teeth and gums in the normal way, enjoy them in the normal way. New and original are almost impossible to tell apart, implants create a natural, healthy smile.

Meeting Your Needs

This is the value of implants, they give back your looks, smile and confidence. For our dentists, a rewarding task, for our patients, a route to recovering what many thought they could not.

Tooth replacement with dental implants may be an engineered solution but an exceptional one. Also a safe and well proven route, which contributes to your health in many ways.

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