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Implants In Safe Hands

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Implants In Safe Hands

Dentalcare’s resident implantologist is Dr Goncalo Sanches, a dental implant specialist respected across Europe.
Dr Sanches is a key member of the Langley team and the skills he offers are invaluable to our patients. To replace single, or multiple damaged, or missing teeth.
Dental implants in Langley are created to each patient’s requirements. Personal treatment from an experienced surgeon is so important, along with the care offered by a well trained support team.
A great smile and the confidence this brings are natural benefits but so is the future. Dr Sanches ensures treatment takes account of your dental health and builds on this.
A few points on implants are below, although we appreciate you may have questions. Call the implants team direct on 01753 336518 at any time, for advice, or to book a consultation with Dr Sanches.

What Are Implants

They are artificial tooth roots, often made of titanium. Crowns are added to the new roots, to replace missing teeth.

Personal Diagnosis

Part of your consultation will be a review of your dental and general health, to ensure treatment is right for you

All Patients Welcome

We believe in removing barriers. Please do not think that age, or the condition of your teeth will prevent treatment.

Planning For Implants

Accurate, in depth imaging of your teeth and jaw give our team a complete picture, ensuring an accurate solution.

Range Of Treatment

We offer advanced implant dentistry and prosthodontics, where a denture, or bridge is retained by implants.

Aesthetics Matter

The porcelain crowns and bridges used to replace your missing teeth are carefully matched to your natural teeth.

Technical Support

The finest dental implants deserve high quality crowns, ours are designed and made by master technicians.

How Will I Benefit

Regaining your natural smile is priceless in itself. Improved speech and better oral health are additional benefits.

A Caring Approach

Any special needs are considered, at any time before your visit and throughout your entire treatment program.

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