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High level skills and the best dental implants can be available to you at a fair cost:

Implant & Periodontal Price Guide

TreatmentFee Guide
Implant consultation£50
Perio consultation£90
Dental implant£900
Ceramic crown for implant£900
Temporary crown£250
Socket preservation£350
Ceramic crown on ceramic abutment£1200
Tooth extractionFrom £110
Bio guide (tissue regenaration)From £350
Bio oss (bone replacement)From £300 
Perio revaluation£90
Perio surgeryFrom £395 per quadrant
Non surgical perioFrom £160 per quadrant
Gingival grafts£475
Sinus lift with osteotomes£500
Lateral window sinus lift£950
Why Is This A Guide?

Our listed fees are a solid indication but we believe patients should be treated with respect and told the truth. Dental implant price lists can only be a guide, anything else is misleading.

Off the peg price lists rarely hold up, they can literally change in the chair. The objective of dental implants is to replicate nature, your unique nature, which needs to be understood.

Value In Consultation

Visiting a specialist for a detailed assessment ensures this happens. Although rarely the case, implants may not be an answer for you, you might not need them, or there could be medical reasons.

A good implantologist, preferably with matching periodontic skills, can map your requirements in detail. Discuss them with you, understand how you feel about treatment, your practical needs.

Accurate Solutions And Costs

Listening to you is an important part of a consultation, along with your specialist identifying the best, most economical treatment.

Where they will help, we can offer attractive finance options. Above all, we will create a treatment program with no financial surprises.

To establish an ideal approach to dental implants for you and a precise cost, arrange a consultation. Call our implants team on 01753 336518, or use a brief email form to:
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