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To Straighten Any Teeth

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Complex needs, or orthodontic treatment on side, or back teeth can require fixed braces. The latest technology can make them wearable and hard to see. See further details on:

Fixed Brace Orthodontics

At Langley, we select the best treatment for each patient, although the Quick Straight Teeth system is a popular choice.

Our patients and dentists appreciate the quality of their UK made system and the results this achieves. They also have the advantage of being almost invisible, no distracting, or bulky braces.

The efficient QST laboratory plus short treatment times ensure they are affordable and we can offer even more savings. As a social enterprise, we want to make treatment as affordable as possible.

Useful Options From Dentalcare

We appreciate the cost of high quality braces and try to help. Interest free finance is available over 6 & 10 months, you pay no more. We also work closely with you to keep to a budget and after treatment, a free home whitening kit is provided for all our patients.

A Complete Range Of Treatment

The QST approach is ideal for the front 6 to 8 teeth. If you have more complex needs, our staff can provide treatment using the finest conventional braces and orthodontic appliances. Why not meet one of our orthodontics specialists.

Personal Consultation

A full assessment and advice from a skilled dentist is available at controlled cost. Part of the Dentalcare support ethos.

Truly Clear Braces

High quality, 3M Gemini clear brackets and fine, tooth coloured wires make QST easy to wear and difficult to see.

Life As Normal

Braces technology has moved on in recent years. They rarely effect your speech, or your lifestyle in any way.

Helpful Time Saving

The QST system works quickly. You may only need to see your dentist a few times, less appointments to keep.

A Comfortable System

Only gentle pressure is put on your teeth, to level and align them. The braces bring you little, or no discomfort.


A Beautiful Smile

Within a few months, modern orthodontic treatment can bring you a fine smile and a boost to confidence.

A Personal Approach

Although QST is a well defined system, each set of braces is as individual as the patients they are made for.

Suitable For All Adults

Whether you are 17 or 57, our fixed clear braces can work for you. No need to be concerned about being too late.

Health Benefits

A healthy smile helps in many ways and makes looking after your teeth easier. Less treatment in the future.

Langley Standards

Dentalcare Langley is a well established practice, offering orthodontic treatment to patients across our group and referred by other dentists. See one of our:
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Talk to any of our staff when you visit, or call to arrange a suitable time. You can also use our brief email form to ask any questions, or to arrange:
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Orthodontics Costs

We are in every sense a social business, with a focus on patients rather than profit. This helps keep costs down and we believe in being open on cost, see our:
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